Pinsafe was invented and developed in 2012 by Colin O'Gara. Colin has a wealth of experience in the Construction Industry, spanning  the past 20 years. Colin's practical & problem solving approach to projects has enabled him to address safety issues he has encountered during the course of his day to day work. This problem solving approach ultimately led to the development of Pinsafe; as many main contractors began to ban the use of road pins, Colin came up with a safe and innovative solution, one which eliminates the need to penetrate the ground. 

Pinsafe offers the only safe solution on the UK market to provide a non penetrative method for setting out lines and levels for laying kerbs - in simple terms Pinsafe protects & prevents injury  to operatives.

  • Pinsafe is an instrument that can be used on any application involving setting out lines & levels.
  • Pinsafe offers a safe & innovative solution, which eliminates the risks involved with the use of existing equipment.
  • Pinsafe can be used on any degree of ground, e.g. camber of road & unmade ground.
  • Pinsafe can be used for all types of applications.
  • Pinsafe allows setting out at the front or back of any application, on any fall or grade.